The Future Of 3D Subterranean Surveying

Welcome to 3D Cave Surveys, Specialising in subterranean archaeological and natural cave preservation, being at the forefront of utilising advanced technologies such as photogrammetry and LIDAR to unlock the potential of underground spaces.

We understand the exceptional preservation conditions of subterranean spaces offer unique opportunities for archaeological research, and with the latest advancements in 3D scanning, such as photogrammetry and LIDAR, we are now able to explore and document these spaces like never before.

Our team of experts works collaboratively to develop and refine underground monitoring and recording equipment to aid in preserving these spaces for future generations. By combining cutting-edge technology with archaeological expertise, we are able to provide a multidisciplinary approach to the field of subterranean archaeology.

We utilise advanced imaging techniques, including photogrammetry and LIDAR, to conduct highly detailed and accurate surveys of subterranean spaces, identifying and mapping features such as archaeological remains, geological formations, and underground structures. This allows us to gain a deeper understanding of these spaces and develop comprehensive conservation strategies.

Our commitment to the preservation and management of subterranean spaces is resolute. Thanks to photogrammetry and LIDAR technologies, we are equipped to continuously monitor the condition of these spaces over time, promptly identifying areas of deterioration and potential hazards. This dedication ensures the long-term preservation of these unique archaeological sites. Vala Heritage Ltd. is your partner in uncovering the mysteries hidden beneath the Earth’s surface while safeguarding our subterranean heritage for generations to come.

Example Work

Knotlow Mine - Derbyshire

James Hall Archaeological Remains - Derbyshire

The Antlers - South Wales